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Mar 27, 2022 | Latest News

Broome County Purchasing Alliance Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug – Pooled Purchasing Project – as administered by SPANY

Broome County Purchasing Alliance

Broome County – SPANY, LLC was hired to design, build and administer the Broome County Purchasing Alliance – Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) RFP that has saved an average of 26% on their current retiree health premium costs. Ultimately this plan has cut costs to groups participating in the alliance, taxpayers, and retirees contributing towards their premiums and has kept $9.1 Million in Broome County and surrounding communities over 2022 and 2023.


The objective, to pool the purchasing power of New York State governmental entities for the purchase of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug programs. Each entity will continue to maintain the same coverage as they currently provide and receive premiums based on the purchasing leverage of the entire alliance.

Participation requirements:

  1. Each entity must pass a resolution by their governing board to participate in the BCPA MAPD Program for plans effective 1/1/23.
  2. Each entity must submit a copy of the passed resolution, census of Medicare retiree population – including date of birth, gender, and zip code along with a copy of the current Summary Plan Description for their current plan design through the BCPA portal within the RFP deadline.
  3. A post resolution must be passed to either participate in the program or opt out.

Broome County Purchasing Alliance webpage: Link

This initiative will put millions of dollars back into our communities and saves thousands of dollars for our valued retirees who contribute towards their benefits.

All Board Passed Resolutions and Census Data must be filed in the portal by August 1st, 2022.

2022 Achievements and Projected Savings – Local Governments, Retirees, and Taxpayers’ all benefit from the BCPA Savings

  • Broome County Saves $840,294

  • Chemung County MAPD 3 Year Savings – $2,323,440

  • Shared Services Matching Funds at 95% – $772,179

  • Tioga County MAPD 3 Year Savings – $2,525,609

  • Shared Services Matching Funds at 95% – $816,078


  • Eliminates need for annual rate negotiation with Carrier.

  • Allows for renegotiation with increased volume.

  • Allows New Groups in Every Year.

  • No risk or long-term commitment.

  • Pools Purchasing leverage and entire Alliance shares in premium savings